Will’s pedantic Trekkie friend, Walker reviews Star Trek Beyond:

Far from just a solid addition to the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Beyond holds itself up as not just a phenomenal sequel, but as solid addition to the action/adventure genre in general. In its two-hour run-time, Beyond manages to not only deliver bone-shattering action, but also levels character development far above most other 2016 releases thus far. I could easily spend a thousand words praising the flow of the film, or the informed development of story throughout, the lack of lulls, or simply the joy felt during my viewing, but I won’t. No, the real praise for this film belongs to co-writer Simon Pegg.

In Beyond, Pegg manages to straddle the line between reboot and sequel far better than this reviewer (or seemingly, most internet commentators) thought possible. At minimum, a third viewing is required in order to understand the full magnitude of throwbacks, and references, Pegg has plugged into this film. However, unlike other recent reboots and remakes we’ve seen over the last couple years (looking at you Ghostbusters), Beyond manages to keep its homages to its predecessors far more subtle and in doing so gets away with including a great deal more than would otherwise be enjoyable. Through these callbacks, Pegg crafts a fully fleshed-out universe and film with the sense of history and legacy that the Star Trek franchise fully deserves. For the first time, Star Trek is able to draw upon the full breadth of its 400-year chronology, and it truly warmed my heart.

This film was quite obviously a labour of love for Pegg and all those involved. In the span of two hours, the film manages to reference a small portion of each one of the Star Trek television series and most of the subsequent films, and most importantly, correctly. After two viewings, I’ve only found three continuity and canon errors and they remain inconsequential and tiny, a truly phenomenal accomplishment for Pegg when you consider that he is working with a 50-year-old franchise with hundreds of contributors. The numerous throwbacks require not just research and a real love for the material and the universe, but perhaps most impressively, literally hundreds of hours of viewing time of previous additions to the Star Trek universe.

You need to see Star Trek: Beyond.

Will, who’s only ever seen the Abrams films, reviews Star Trek Beyond:

It’s good. You need to see Star Trek: Beyond.

One thought on “STAR TREK BEYOND [Review]

  1. Star Trek Beyond

    Beyond is a very solid film, made for an incredible cinematic experience; it’s fun and just so damn entertaining. Simon Pegg did a great job with the script: Idris was amazingly dark, and the crew had spectacular scenes all around. 8/10 May the franchise live long and prosper…


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