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Introducing LINE BY LINE

Introducing LINE BY LINE, a brand new virtual writing club for established, emerging and aspiring storytellers. Starting October 1, LINE BY LINE will meet virtually at 6pm AEST every second Thursday. Writers will have the opportunity to share their work and offer feedback to others. How is this going to work? We don’t know! It’s early days, and […]

My Vantage Point

Over the past few years, I have made a concerted effort to avoid online frays. Some days, I’m better at it than others. Given the intensifying discourse around Becky Albertalli, I realised this was one of those days when I had to say something. Especially given my experiences as a closeted gay author, and an […]

REBEL GODS is out now!

When I was a kid, I was a daydreamer. I would press my head against the train carriage window, and as Sydney scrolled past, I imagined an epic fantasy story playing out across its rooftops. It’s weird to think I’m sitting here years later, typing the words: my first fantasy series is complete. My books always […]

Queerstories 2019: My Father Haunts Me

I’m known around the traps as the guy who got a book deal in high school, but I’m usually pretty guarded about one of my strongest motivations. This piece illuminates that and was first performed at Mudgee Readers’ Festival (‘Queerstories’) on August 17, 2019, alongside original pieces by Cadance Bell, Faith Chaza, Benjamin Law, Maeve Marsden […]

Support Aussie Bookstores

Given that lockdown is back in effect, I’m reviving this offer to give back to the Victorian booksellers who have supported me so much over the years: Spend $30+ at any Victorian bookstore in one transaction from 9/7/2020-9/8/2020, and you’ll get either: 1. A signed Will K book (your choice!) posted immediately, or 2. A 30-minute […]