Cover reveals (and messing with my publisher)


After a brief hiatus (in whichever bizarro world fifteen months can be considered ‘brief’), I’m back. It’s been an incredible year-and-a-bit. I won the Gold Inky (thanks to everyone who voted), and it’s taken me so long to post about it, they’ve gone and given the award to someone else (Gabrielle Tozer. She is excellent. Her novel The Intern is also excellent.).

2014 was an incredible year, and 2015 matched it. I toured a lot, mostly alone, but for three short days, with international author Sara Farizan. I got to wrestle Marama Whyte over an ARC of Illuminae. I lost, but it’s out now and I bought one so I’ll deal. I also took Mum to a really terrible Robbie Williams cabaret show, which was a life low-light, but a Twitter highlight:

Most importantly though, I’ve been writing a book. It’s called The Sidekicks, and it’ll be out in early 2016.

Now, whenever an author’s new book is announced, you can know a title and read a blurb, but you don’t really get a sense of what it will be like until you see the cover. For that reason, the cover announcement is kind of a big deal. The lovely folks at Penguin Teen Australia had a strategy and everything. They were going to announce the cover after their regular #PTAChats (guided discussions about YA).

I saw an opportunity for mischief.

Armed with Photoshop and all of my Instagram selfies, I whipped up a fake book cover:

There was a longer-than-intended dramatic pause between my threat and the upload though. I was on a train, using my phone’s internet…

Where there’s mischief, karma soon follows. I give you my submission for Most Awkward Life Experience 2015:

The actual cover features 100% less shirtless Will.

Pretty awesome, don’t you think? I’ll share more soon 🙂

EDIT: Okay, so I may have purposefully omitted their revenge prank: