COVER REVEAL: We Could Be Something

We Could Be Something is coming on May 2. That means, one, it’s up for pre-order now, and two, I’m no longer at risk of leaking the gorgeous cover designed by Astred Hicks, because it’s all over the internet. Have a look!

See? All over the internet. Can’t scroll an inch without—

Okay, let’s not piss everybody off w—

What’s the novel about? Well, the blurb is still TBC, but basically:

Harvey’s dads are splitting up. It’s been on the cards for a while, but it’s still sudden. Woken-by-his-father-to-catch-a-red-eye sudden. For the foreseeable future, he’s living on top of a cafe with the extended Greek family he barely knows.

Sotiris is on the up. He’s achieved his dream, a novel released at seventeen. It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and then a cute, wise-cracking bookseller named Jem upends his life.

Harvey’s and Sotiris’s stories converge on the same street in Darlinghurst, in this beautifully heartfelt novel about how our dreams shape us, and what they cost us.

An emotional rollercoaster of a novel about two young men — part coming-out story, part falling-in-love story, part falling-apart story.

“The enormous heart of We Could Be Something beats with a rare, thrilling authenticity. Every funny, smart, tough word of it rings true. I loved this book.” Patrick Ness, bestselling author of A Monster Calls and the Chaos Walking series

Secure your copy here.

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